The Iroquois Falls Generating Station is situated on the Abitibi River, within the Town of Iroquois Falls. The original powerhouse was completed in 1914 with 14 turbines, of which 10 powered pulp grinders and 4 powered electric generators. The station was re-configured in 1946 to convert all turbines to electric generators. Between 2002 and 2004 the Station was redeveloped to provide nine new Kaplan turbines and refurbishment of three of the remaining units, for a generation capacity of 29 MW.

Location: Abitibi River, Town of Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Fuel: Water
Technologies: 9 vertical shaft Kaplan turbines & 3 horizontal double Francis turbines
Nameplate Capacity: 29 MW
First Online: 1914
Power Sales: Long-term power purchase agreement

The Iroquois Falls Generating Station is owned and operated by H2O Limited Partnership (H2O). BluEarth Renewables owns an interest in H2O. For more information and to view public notices, visit