Narrows Inlet: Your questions answered!

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  • October 9, 2015
A number of studies have been initiated for the Narrows Inlet Hydro Project

Will the Narrows Inlet Project impact fish?

The Narrows Inlet Hydro projects (Projects) will be governed by Conditional Water Licences issued by the Province of BC under the Water Act. These licenses contain strict conditions for the maximum amount of water that can be used for power production, and the amount of water that must remain in the creek at all times, referred to as the Instream Flow Requirement (IFR). An IFR has been established based on comprehensive aquatic studies to ensure that fish and their habitat are protected.

The Projects will also be required to abide by specific rates at which start-up and shut down can take place that are site specific and protect fish and their habitat.  In addition, an Operational Environmental Monitoring Program will be implemented for 10 years post-construction which will monitor the fish population and habitat in lower Ramona and Chickwat Creeks.

We are currently conducting intensive baseline studies on fish and fish habitat in the lower reaches of Ramona and Chickwat Creeks. Results of this work will govern how we operate the facilities. To review the studies currently initiated visit our Documents tab on the project website.

BluEarth places a very high value on environmental and wildlife protection, as well as retaining aquatic habitats downstream of our hydro facilities.  Our partner, the shíshálh Nation, is also insistent on the highest environmental and stewardship standards.