Narrows Inlet: Transmission Line Construction

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  • June 2, 2017

Work is beginning on the transmission line construction for the Narrows Inlet Hydro Project, starting with access upgrades and Right of Way clearing and preparation. As previously communicated, this work includes accessing a portion of the Transmission Right of Way using the North Lake FSR (refer to the map).

To accommodate the shared uses in this area the following measures will be taken:

  • Construction speed limits will be in place for the North Lake FSR. The construction speed limit for the portion of the North Lake FSR as it passes the Klein Lake Campground will be 15km/hr and signs will be posted along the route. For the portion of the North Lake FSR north of Klein Lake Campground we will be following the currently posted speed limit for the FSR. The forestry roads south of the junction with the Suncoaster Trail will be assessed by the contractors safety department and a speed limit will be posted accordingly, likely 30-50km/h.
  • We are responsible for maintaining the roads under our road use agreements for the North Lake FSR and A&A Trading Forestry Roads.
  • Contractors were previously notified of work restrictions in this area based on feedback we received at our open house in February. Any heavy traffic (larger than a pick-up truck) will be planned to avoid the weekends. Of course if there is a safety concern or another restriction, some minimal heavy traffic on the weekends may need to be accommodated. We also have plans in place to accommodate the BC Bike Race later this summer and minimize any traffic on the race route during that time. We will work to ensure that construction activities are kept to a minimum on weekends, which should minimize noise in the Klein Lake campground area during the busiest times.
  • Our Contractors will be responsible for dust control along the routes we are using and are currently looking into the use of a chemical dust suppressant of either calcium chloride or lignin sulfonate. These will be used only under approval of the Independent Environmental Monitor to avoid any adverse environmental effects by adhering to any required setbacks for use near waterbodies. A chemical dust suppressant has worked well on the Main Project Site at Narrows Inlet, as well as other construction sites throughout the lower mainland.
  • Our contractors will be working under the Regulations in the BC Wildfire Act or modified Regulations outlined in our High Risk Exemption Letter. To determine the daily Fire Danger Class we will be relying on our Project specific weather station for Narrows Inlet. These regulations require fire prevention strategies, which include fire watch on completion of each day’s work (duration dictated by Danger Class), having ground based mobile water delivery systems, and high risk work shutdowns if required.
  • Signage will be used in the area and along the access routes to maintain safety of those working and using the area. Signs will be posted by the Contractor this week. During any falling/brushing for road upgrades adjacent to Klein Lake temporary road closures may be required. Works of this nature will be timed appropriately to avoid busy periods and traffic control and associated signage will be used.
  • We will also continue to use keep our project website up to date with information about the project.

Please feel free to contact, if you have any questions.