In October, BluEarth selected six recipients for our 2017 Aboriginal Clean Energy Scholarship (ACES) which provides financial support and development opportunities for Canadian Aboriginal students pursuing trades certification, diploma, degree and other programs from accredited post-secondary institutions.

The scholarship offers the opportunity for Aboriginal students to receive mentorship and the possibility of work experience, while learning from one of the most experienced renewable power generation teams in the country.

Congratulations to all our 2017 ACES recipients!

profile Cheyenne

Cheyenne Boulrice

Sault College

My name is Cheyenne Boulrice and I am currently enrolled in the Natural Environment Technician program at Sault College, Ontario. What led me into choosing this field was my strong interest in modern technology as well as environmental studies. One of my major life goals is to receive as much education and field experience as possible to one day come back to my first nation as a well-educated and innovative indigenous woman, and provide support in various issues and projects advancing my community to a greener future. This scholarship has helped lift the weight of my financial stress, allowing me to live comfortably and focus further on my school work and for that reason I am extremely thankful to BluEarth Renewables for this incredible scholarship!

Cole Profile

Cole Burns

University of Calgary

“I’m currently in the final year of my Master of Science in Biological Sciences, specializing in ecology at the University of Calgary and hope to defend my thesis in May – August 2018. The BluEarth Renewables Aboriginal Clean Energy Scholarship will allow me to complete my final year of post-secondary studies without having to request a student loan, which will be immensely helpful for when I graduate and my student debt will be substantially less. Not only do I greatly appreciate BluEarth Renewables’ generosity, but this award will also function as a fruitful investment since ecology is very applicable to the renewable energy industry. For instance, a primary goal of renewable energy is to reduce our ecological footprint and be conscientious of the environment. However, many human and anthropogenic activities like energy production can have cascading effects on surrounding ecosystems and potentially effect species at risk. Consequently, it’s important to understand how living systems function, to reduce any further unintended harm. Having grown up on a farm in the rural community of Wildwood, Alberta; I was exposed to wilderness for most of my life and I wish to keep our province’s natural beauty intact as much as possible, allowing others to enjoy the same interaction with nature. This core value is not only reflected through an academic perspective in my studies, but also culturally as my Metis ancestors had the same connections with our natural world.”


Tyler Hart

University of Alberta

Hi, my name is Tyler Hart and I am a part of the Metis Nation of Alberta. My Indigenous background comes from my father’s side where he is a member of Bunibonibee Cree Nation in Oxford House, Manitoba. I am currently in my fourth year of school, taking my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta. After taking some Indigenous courses at university, I knew that working with the Indigenous Community was something I wanted to do as a career. In my work experience, I have worked in the private, public, and non-profit sector working with the Indigenous Community and have volunteered with our youth; something that I highly value. I think education is the key to the future in strengthening the relationships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. In my personal experience, education has given me confidence and a higher self-esteem. Also, I have met so many great people while attending university where some of those people unknowingly were a major influence to help shape the person who I have become. This scholarship will further help me finish my degree, something that I never dreamed of five years ago.

kathryn profille

Kathryn Xyemetkwe Ignace

Thompson Rivers University

I am from the Skeetchestn Indian Band in the Secwepemc Nation.  It is a small but growing community that understands the importance of the education of youth, partnership of local businesses, and building towards a stronger future. I am a first-year student at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia and I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree. With this degree, I hope to go into Environmental Sciences and help make a positive impact on the changing world today, or go into Environmental Engineering and help create new and efficient sources of renewable energy so that my community, as well as all other communities, can lead the way into the future.  This scholarship will help me be able to continue my education so that I may some may be able to pursue my occupational goals in Environmental Sciences or Engineering.

zachary profile

Zackary McDonald

Queen’s University

“Aniin. My name is Zackary McDonald and I am a fourth year Chemical Engineering student at Queen’s University. I am Ojibwe and I grew up in Alderville First Nation, approximately 90 minutes north west of Toronto. I grew up in Alderville and still visit frequently to see my mother. Alderville was a fantastic place to grow up in: there are woods to play in, programs for afterschool tutoring, and a lake to canoe in. Now that I am in my last year of my degree, this money will be used to offset monthly expenses so that I can focus on my studies and reduce the amount of financial pressure put on my wife to support our little family. Engineers will be at the center of the energy revolution, and I plan to participate heavily. Consequently, I am excited at the opportunity to have a mentor in the renewable energy industry. Further, I am actively seeking positions in the renewable energy industry and recently had an interview with the largest renewables energy company in the world. I would like to thank BluEarth Renewables for contributing to my future. My hope is that I can reach out to BluEarth Renewables in the future to show them where I am and how they helped me get there. Miigwech!”

Austin Profile

Austin Zacharko

University of Alberta

Last year BluEarth Renewables invested in my future and helped give me tools to succeed through post-secondary. The most invaluable thing BluEarth did for me was pair me with a strong, like-minded and passionate mentor. Through this mentee-mentor relationship, I received guidance and had the ability to ask questions to an experienced professional in my field. This experience only fueled my passion for renewables even more. It is exciting to know that BluEarth believes in me as much as I do and has allowed me to continue with this program for another year. As a third-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Alberta, I believe I can make a difference in Canada’s energy sector.  The academic knowledge gained from university, paired with my Metis heritage, has made me confident in my abilities to do great things. I hope one day I can contribute to the construction and operation of large-scale renewable energy projects in Canada. By providing these awards, BluEarth Renewables has proven that they are committed to maintaining positive and continued relationships with students.”